Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No reply

It is ten o'clock on election night. I covered the polls in South County, I talked to people, I made phone calls, I wished the underdog good luck, my kids and I waved frantically to the projected winner from all windows of our car...

I've done my part, I think.

As I send in the last of the results, mostly numbers, who voted, who didn't, my email shows a message from Barack Obama.

His media advisor wants me to make some more calls to key states. "You have until midnight" the email blast says.

I am totally exhausted to the point of being cynical. I'd like to send a mass email blast of my own to the White House and everyone in it who has premo health insurance, nice suits, a housekeeper and a vehicle in working condition.

I've been working hard for you guys. Getting people to the polls, trying to look on the bright side, knowing I have to do my part, knowing that this economic wreck was a nice little inheritance from the Bush administration and the nation's overall greed (mostly credit cards and living beyond our means).

Here's what I ask in return, your humble servant who works three jobs and raises two kids.

I ask for some space to breathe in.

I ask for health insurance that I can rely on when my children are sick or when I am sick, 'cause it does happen once in awhile and it sucks.

I ask for the words coming out of your mouths not to be dripping with lies to keep the starving wolf at bay.
I ask for decent schools where intolerance is intolerable, always.

I ask for YOU to stay up until midnight making frantic calls on my behalf to those who might listen.

I ask for an end to this godless, useless, senseless war so that my children will know a time of peace, as they have yet to do.

I'm sure there's more, but, above all, I ask for you to employ integrity as your mantra.

I feel like a once-loyal dog who has lost the love of her master and now wanders the streets hoping merely to survive one more day out there, in the land of great uncertainty and even greater doubt.

I ask, as you promised, for that hope that I caught a glimmer of not so long ago.

Thank you. You have until midnight...or so.

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  1. I agree with you, Nichole. Here in North Adams, the voting areas stayed open until 8 or so. I voted in the middle of the day and everything went over fine here. I think people should be careful for what they wish for, athough I was happy with the results here in Massachusetts.


    Jon Swartz