Friday, December 3, 2010

What ever happened to patience? Really slow, mindful, good old-fashioned patience? Everybody's in such a goddamn hurry to get somewhere or buy something or meet some goal that the very art of languishing has been lost to instant gratification.

This, by the way, is not a lecture. It can't be, I myself am one of the most impatient, sentient beings I know.

Where was I (sorry, little distracted, the kids are watching Harry Potter and Lucian REALLY wants to know the owl's name)? Ah yes, languishing and patience. A long time ago, patience was, in fact, a virtue. Patient people commanded respect. They sat, they listened, they considered the words spoken, they were sure of themselves but not cocky...

Patience was sexy.

Now, it is a burden, a nuisance brought on by the slow-minded. A man who thinks things through is no longer coveted, he is left behind to face the cold alone. He is exiled from the pack for not electing to scurry around and prey on squirrels all day.

Yet, when the pack is running and panting after the insubstantial flesh of instant gratification the patient man, now the lonely man, waits, watches, considers and finally sets his sights on his prey and goes for the throat.

And feasts well at night.

I am learning the value of patience. It is rare to see a patient man, especially at my age when men (of the "me" generation) have little patience for even themselves. And you should see them with children. Asking questions is out of the question.

As I said, patience is sexy stuff. It has clear eyes and a steady voice and exquisite endurance.

I need more of that.

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