Thursday, September 24, 2009

a better breakfast

I promised someone that I would only have one cup of coffee this morning so that I wouldn't be cracked out by our meeting, to take place after noon. I stayed true to my promise, but as I'm looking at this mug now, I realize that it's about six inches high (that's a half foot) and at least three inches in diameter. So, am I really drinking less coffee? This is the kind of mug you actually need to use the handle for, even when you balance it on your knee as you stare out your window in catatonic fatigue.
Speaking of exhaustion (which is fatigue times 600), I tried a facial mask that my mother gave me about 4 years ago. She got it from a wealthy client and never used it. I was bored, and since I refuse to paint my toenails or my fingernails unless it's Halloween or I'm trying to get laid, I chose to rifle through the cabinet and low and behold, there it was, the foil wrapped beauty mask. My first surprise when I opened it was that it was not mud that you slather all over your face, it was a piece of cotton soaked in the fountain of youth, that you put on your face for 20 minutes. I carefully smoothed it over my crooked features (my nose was way too big for the nose flap and my mouth was a speck inside the alloted mouth space).
I hoped the children wouldn't wake up and come downstairs. I looked exactly like Jason from Halloween. It was terrifying. I currently have no curtains in my living room and cars were slowing down to peek in. So, I waited 20 minutes, pushing at the mask, laughing every time I saw my reflection in the window, then peeled that bad boy off.
Angels sang. Lots of them. Of my beauty, my small pores, and my rested undereyes. I realized that I could not live without this mask. It was like sex with a "bad boy", you can't imagine anything else. Life stops, time stops....
I looked up the product name online, they had a website! I could order it online!!!! SK-II. Facial Reviving Mask, Click to buy.....HOLY SHIT....$120 for a package of ten. I scanned the other products, even more expensive. Apparently, this is what the stars in Hollywood use. I quietly closed my laptop, sighed, and went back to the bathroom mirror to take one more look at me when I was 23. The next morning, I knew, it was back to Noxema and coffee and Anna gently patting my arm, saying, "You look so tired, Mom."
And the recipe, you make up for the boxed soup I made Moroccan chicken with almonds, raisins, spices, lemon, sugar, potatoes from our garden.
The kids hated it.

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