Monday, September 28, 2009


You ever have those days where everything is swollen? Eyelids, guts, upper back, lower back, the ground, your life? That seems to be the status quo here for the last two months. So much to be done, sometimes you can't even make time to laugh.
What am I saying? Of course you can make time to laugh. Even if it's at the sick shit that NO ONE else would laugh about....ever! Which, I'm assuming, is why you are reading this blog.
Ok, where were we, oh yes, the sponge of life is saturated. You can't lift your head for fear of seeing what's in front of you and then...
You remember it's Monday morning and you forgot to help your child do his friggin' cut and paste project for the letter "M". You're not a bad person, it's just that the letter "M" at this moment, is not even on your list of wringing out, didn't even make it to the list. So, 10 minutes before the bus is about to zoom down the street, the yellow chariot of salvation, you are sitting at the kitchen table with a glue stick that is covered with dog hair, a cold cup of coffee, bleary eyes, and a few magazines, looking for things that begin with "M". And no, you cannot create your own list because you are too bitter and the kindly teacher wouldn't see the humor in pictures representing "menstruation", "mental illness", "mad", "motherf***er", etc.
I did manage to sneak one little "m"orbid picture in. Mummy. Dried skin and all. Lucian was thrilled.
Oh, and what did we eat....gummy, half-toasted bagels with the thinnest smear of butter ever, cream of wheat that turned into a white ball after 5 minutes, and apple juice that is bound to give someone diarrhea before recess.

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