Saturday, February 5, 2011


How the hell is everyone else doing it? Just curious. I'm sitting here, looking at the goddamn snow (and at a giant spruce tree that might finally decide to fall on my house, maybe today) and wondering if I should even bother getting out of bed.

Of course, I will. I need to grab another cup of coffee and at some point a shower is in order, but still...STILL...this winter is like a bad mountain ballad. I'm just waiting for a lady with a silver dagger to come and drive it through my heart. No roses wrapped around briers this time of year.

Back to my original question, how are you doing it? Is it a day-to-day gig where you take the winter one moment at a time and try to resist the urge to light fire to your own socks because your feet are so cold? I'm finding very small pockets of joy here and there; last night I ate my fill of oysters and went to bed warm. That was nice. And the glass of brandy I had on Thursday helped move the evening along. And who doesn't look forward to a scorching shower in the middle of the day?

In a winter like this, it really is the little things. It has to be. Everyone I talk to is broke (or broken) and depressed, or both. Oil is going like water through a sieve, food has lost its taste, a vacation means taking Valium before noon.

You get the point.

I have no real lesson to offer here. This too shall pass, that's what my mother says all the time.
Actually, she was telling me about her financial woes and I tried to comfort her with that same line.

"Don't worry, Ma, this too shall pass." I nearly choked on the words.

"Oh, f*ck that. Maybe in a couple of years but by then I won't care."


Then it was her turn.

"Only six more weeks of winter according to Punksatawny Phil...and Long Island Chuck."

"Who the f*ck is Long Island Chuck?"

"The backup groundhog. Low budget."

"Oh, in case I shoot the other mofo in the head for seeing his shadow?"


Good luck, folks. Steelers are gonna win, btw.

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  1. Hi Nichole,

    I know the feeling. I had trouble navigating the sidewarks today in Great Barrington. As a matter of fact, I fell on the ice by St. James Church today and someone rescued me. I was sitting on the snow and ice for several minutes until someone noticed me sitting on the ground and gave me a ride. It was rough this weekend, but I say just take it one day at a time.

    Jon Swartz