Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bum "Rush"

I'm gonna start with, what we call in the news industry, a hard lede. Straight up, if Rush Limpbaugh had said n*gger in any context that fat Bible-belt-don't-even-fit-him bastard (yes, this whole thing is getting personal, game on) would have been fired that day. At least, that's what the rational optimist in me says would happen. But as things stand in this misogynistic culture, it takes a friggin' mattress company to take a stand and pull their advertising from the ultraconservative dick farm he calls a "radio show." My ass. For Chrissake's, Don Imus (remember him, another mouth on fire) called Limbaugh a "fat, gutless, pill-popping loser" in an interview on The Morning. This is the one and only thing that Imus and I will ever agree on, for the record.

So, the pill-popping loser--wait a minute, pill-popping doesn't even hit the tip of that fat ass iceberg. Pill-popping is one thing, but as I recall there is a difference between a loser and a friggin' criminal. Anyone remember that big arrest for FRAUD when the big boy lied to doctors in order to get more monkeys (i.e. Vicoden) to throw up there on his flabby back? What's most disturbing to me is that Limbaugh couldn't even convince a doctor that he needed pain meds. Do you know how easy it is to get opioids in this country, legally? The doctors hand out those scripts like a Pez dispenser shoots candy. Sh*t, my 8-year-old son has only to cough once or twice and suddenly he's got a milk-jug bottle of Codeine with his name on it.

So, Rush is dumb, we know this. What's the big deal that he called Sandra a "slut" and a "prostitute"? There are two camps here, one is the outrage camp, the other is the "just ignore him, he's not a real human being anyway" camp that I so want to be a part of, but I can't. Ignore him?! I wish. But the thing is, people actually listen to this guy and believe the rolling pile of sh*t that comes out of his mouth. He's got the trademark red-faced, gin-inspired anger of a tele-evangelist and a marital track record almost as bad as Henry VIII. But people still listen to the guy, including his latest wife, Kathryn Rogers, who is, btw, a year older than me.

I wonder what she has to say about all this...seeings how she wears the financial pants in that f*cked up family. I can just imagine her and that oversized chipmunk lying in bed (gag,cough), it is dark, they've had a fight about his "Fluke" comments and she leans over to him and whispers "who's the real prostitute?" That guy is a money-whore, but why she married him is beyond me. It's gonna suck for her when his employer stops paying for his daily Cialis prescription.

I know of several radio stations that have pulled his show right off the air. Smart thinking since more than half of this country is comprised of women--bankers, business owners, mothers, and yes, even prostitutes. The backlash from this, I'm hoping, is gonna be a lot longer than that pathetic 4-hour erection he might have thanks to the grand mercy of his health insurance. Maybe he has a point, I don't want to pay for that flaccid conservative to ever be able to get anything up in the air again.


  1. Limbaugh is boring. Most of the talk radio people are though, you need pills just to make shows like that more exciting. I've heard some clips and it was a chore to get through. Most of what they say is the same shit repeated over and over (x Alot) just phrased a little differently. Amazing how shows like that don't cause more traffic accidents due to drivers falling asleep listening to them.

  2. Good point, Tom. I guess a lot of people like being lulled to sleep...