Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of doge...NOW!

I got an e-mail from Expedia this morning. They are offering a 24-hour major "sale" on tickets and hotels to a city of your choice. I can honestly say that the urge to leave was very strong. And I still have until midnight to decide. Why would I leave, you ask, to go BY MYSELF to some far foreign reach for a few days.
If you have to ask, you're nuts and you should stop reading this right now.
I want to claw my own skin off, that's the truth of the matter. Winter has never been my strong suit, sh*t, I don't even have a snow suit. Here, in the midst of February (my birth month and sadly my least favorite month of the year), I am ready to bolt.
My main fear is that I will cancel the return ticket and send for the kids later on...when they're 20 or so. Just for a visit, no boyfriends or girlfriends. Just me, them, and a psycho-therapist well-trained in abandonment issues. With Paris as the backdrop.
Should be fun.
Any location suggestions would be welcome, I am seriously going and I have until midnight, so please, have at it.

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