Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sufficient v. Sustaining

I posted something about having "tools" on Facebook (you know, that wasteland of cyber realism where you can grow a pumpkin patch in 8 hours, start a restaurant and look up old lovers, while you are at work). A silly post referencing my purchase of a toolbox yesterday (and yes, I was very excited because I lost mine in the long division process). The toolbox comes with pliers, a hammer, an interchangeable screwdriver handle that includes several different fittings, a wrench, exacto blade, measuring tape, you name it. I have plans for this toolbox that involve fixing pot handles, door knobs, maybe even my car if I'm feeling very brave and very broke.
So, I have my toolbox and, of course, a new (male) acquaintance of mine sends me a message commenting on my purchase.
"It's nice to have a self-sufficient woman around."
Of course, that got me thinking. That was one of the first traits someone else (read: ex) noticed about me. I am self-sufficient. I work hard, cook well, can lift sh*t, make folks comfortable, take care of children, pitch a baseball (hit one, too), identify edible plants, you name it. And I could see how, at first, these would be alluring traits for a woman to have.
But there's a little catch to the self-sufficient woman. She has trouble sustaining. She is so sufficient and able-bodied that the focus shifts to survival at the present moment, not nourishment for an ambiguous future.
Ask me what kind of wood you should burn in November, but hold off on asking me what makes people happy, 'cause I have no f*cking clue.
But I did fix the fry pan and then made myself an egg. It's a good start.

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