Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling funny

There is a little hill at the end of our road (or I should say our descent) that, when you're going at a good clip, does make the stomach do a little twirl, like a small roller coaster ride.
Of course I always try to make the car catch air on this bump because I want the kids to go "Whoah" or "hey!", anything to wake them out of their post-school coma.
Well, I did get a reaction, finally, when I went over the bump at around 60mph. Just not the reaction I was expecting.
"Whoah, what the hell was that?!" Lucian exclaimed.
"It made my stomach feel weird," complained Anna. Then she admonished her brother, "Lucian, don't say hell."
"Sorry. Yeah, my stomach felt weird, too. And it made me have a funny feeling in my balls."

That's right about the moment that I slowed the car down and calmly glimpsed at him in the rearview. His facial expression was completely still, he did not know his offense.
"Hey, Lucian, balls probably isn't the word you want to use. Maybe stomach, or belly, or even privates if you've gotta say somthing."
He nodded, already on to the next thought.
"Or nuts" he added, humming a Christmas song.
I sighed and shook my head. "Right, or nuts."

Why bother?

For dinner we had mini ravioli with sauce, Anna had 3 servings. How do you say to a third-grader that she's gonna get some junk in the trunk if she doesn't stop eating all the time?

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