Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wimps and other honors

Did I mention my frozen visit to a "diversified" farm on Friday? I love farms, I love big, drafty animals. There was one MAJOR problem; shoes. Yup, you heard me, my shoes were all wrong for a gator ride around 200 acres of fresh shit (of all kinds), rocky ledges, hay, ticks, and goat covered knolls. I was wearing my little London boots, you know, ankle booties with a lip and a 3-inch knock-out heel that looks great with the Parisian jeans you sold your kidney for. Yeah, those boots. Of course, I have about 15 pair of farm/rain/muck/shit boots sitting idly by at home. Of course. I did it, though. I went right in the bull pen (literally) and probably did permanent damage to my ankle at least three times. I did get a few free steaks and a lamb chop for my troubles. The steaks I will share with my iron-deprived children. The lamb chop is mine, all mine....
After a long "write-day" yesterday, I had the grand honor of picking Anna up from her marathon rehearsal for the musical kid version of "101 Dalmations" (yes, I will have to attend both performances, god help me. I may need to get a bottle of brandy for the weekend). When I walked into the strangely lit auditorium, all of the "actors" were sitting on the stage. The director, a severe-looking woman with no chest (black turtleneck, that's how I could tell) was lecturing a bunch of 8-year-olds who have literally been at the school for 12 hours, about their manners.
"Someone needs to teach you people some manners," she hissed. And then she went into a very badly rehearsed litany about privilege and behavior. I wasn't listening by that point because I had two thoughts on my mind:
1)When was the last time this lady got head, I mean good, fall-asleep-afterwards with-a cigarette-in-your-mouth head?

2) Who the f**k are you calling "you people"? Didn't McCain do that during his bid for the presidency and lose the whole thing (that one, you remember)? And, are you saying I haven't taught my kid manners? Girl, I know you don't want to go there. That child has had manners bribed and beaten into her since she was 6 months old. You sayin' I didn't teach her and they didn't stick?

I was hungry, too, so I guess the low blood sugar would account for the over-the-top hostility. But seriously, why is it that people who have no "way" with children often end up working with them. Just seems cruel all around.

Dinner, hamburgers (grass fed steer I actually met before the slaughter) and couscous.

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