Friday, December 11, 2009

The Bard at Breakfast

Anna has developed quite a flair for the dramatic. Geez, wonder where she gets it from. I was reading multiple parts of "The Tempest" by third grade. Alone, in my room, the bed was the ship and my brother was the storm.
Anyway, she was trying to brush her teeth and, without fail, Lucian snuck into the bathroom to "shoot" her (he's been pretending to be an assassin for like 3 weeks, can't even take a crap without worrying he'll off you). I heard her spit violently and then, with full enunciation and gusto she pointed her toothbrush at him.
"Lucian, you will rue this morning, and you will rue the day of your birth if you don't leave me alone."
I guess, since he has no effin clue what "rue" means, he slipped out quietly, perhaps even fearfully. I might need to sling that word around a few times and see if he leaves me alone about the Legos at 5:15 in the morning.
I did a defiant thing yesterday (I know, I know, surprise, surprise). I was at the doctor's for a routine check up, telling him a little about my heart/anxiety situation and suddenly he wants blood tests. Lots of them. Again. As if half my red cells weren't drained last year from the mono/lymphoma crap in the fall and then the grand heart finale in April.
"Why do you need to do blood tests." I was playing it cool, trying to look unconcerned. I could already see the bruises forming on the inside of my arms. Right in time for the holidays....
"I think, with what you are describing, you have a thyroid problem. Or something. We'll run some tests, see how you are coagulating, etc."
"Ok, sounds good." I buttoned up, got my coat, charmed the receptionist and took my paperwork down the hall to the blood lab, where I made a sharp right and walked out.
I just couldn't do it. Not at 3 in the afternoon, at the height of my fatigue and nervousness, and then put on a happy face for my kids. Nope. I walked right out, and I probably won't go today, or any other day.
Nobody's getting anymore out of me, least of all my anemic, orange blood. That shit is not meant to leave the body. It's like the more sanitized version of "letting", can't fool me.
So, I'll probably pass out on Christmas morning and ruin the whole day due to my coma that I will be in for several weeks. Oh well.

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