Thursday, December 17, 2009

Excuse me, I tweeted.....

I did it, folks, I signed up for Twitter, got my pic up there, some random Doufy (sp?) painting for a background and there you have it. Now I can tell everyone when something comes to mind (or body, as the case may be).
I've considered some "alternative" tweets that I could send which would probably get me booted off instantly. That's why I have the blog. Couple of examples:
"If you're in GB watch out, some old guy sh*t his pants. Red Hat."
"Do not drink the coffee at the diner, sperm samples."
"Avoid the spelt pizza crust at all costs."
"Pathchouli alert at the co-op, go in with a mask."
"Purchasing Immodium at Rite-Aid, then off to church."
"No t.p. at Fuel. Help!"
For those of you South County folks, you get the picture. For the rest, I'm sure the picture is at least somewhat clear.
I can tell I'm going to have too much fun with this. I DID NOT, however, link myself to this technichal umbilical cord via phone. I won't do it (mostly because I can't afford the plan, although I would in a heartbeat if I had an iPhone and better vision).
So, I will tweet, and my public will love me....
Or the FBI will reopen my file and start a ream. Either way, makes for an interesting winter.
Any twitter bitches out there with some suggestions, stories, advice, warnings?

I have to take pictures at a nursing home today. You can bet your ass there is going to be major tweeting after that.

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