Thursday, December 3, 2009

Easy does it....

It is 6:50 in the morning, and none of us have gotten out of bed. It must have been the full moon or something. Lucian is usually up by 3 and bides his time until he wakes Anna up, then us.
"You realize you can't keep doing this to us," I tell him. I'm too tired to actually strike.
"Doing what?" he asks. Then he begins his morning round of shooting noises that drive his sister insane.
"Making us so mad our hands shake."
He lifts a flashlight up to my face, smiling with his giant tooth gap.
"Peuw, peuw, bang."
"You got me, Lucian, you got me."
Actually, last night poor Anna had to sleep in Lucian's room because a friend of mine needed a place to crash. She actually stayed one night but didn't stay last night. I put Anna in Lucian's room just in case. When Anna woke up this morning that was first on her list.
"Did Molly stay in my room last night." She yawned and her eyes were as bleary as a drunk's.
"No, she decided to stay in Worcester."
"You mean I had to sleep with that little turd last night for nothing!?"
"Yup, that's exactly it."
What else can I say? The kid is right. He is a little turd with a giant, high-powered engine. He didn't want to go to school today because it was raining. And when it rains, there is no outdoor recess.
"I can't go. We'll be inside all day."
"Yeah, but maybe you'll have choice time."
"Nope, either blocks or a movie."
"Well, at least the movie sounds cool, right?"
"No. It's dumb. It's always some dumb movie for little kids."
"Lucian, you are a little kid."
"Not that little."
Wow. I guess he's still holding out hope that they're going to run the new "G.I. Joe" on the overhead projector as a Friday treat for the kindergarten class. Poor kid has no idea.
I feel his pain. Even the little things seem to disappoint lately. I can barely look forward to a cup of coffee because I'm certain it's going to turn bitter on my tongue. The wind is blowing the rain sideways today and I can barely blink for fear I'll fall asleep right here at the desk. And it's only 8 a.m. God help me.

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