Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolve not to resolve

Funny thing about resolutions, the word itself is limiting. Resolution implies that something will be solved, or finished, or settled.
Sounds pretty boring to me. Yes, I have resolutions, but I think of them as more goals, or trail heads for life. Something like that. I can feel the adventure in making promises and recognizing that things will change as a result. That's why people call me reckless, I guess.
In terms of soluble promises for the new year, there are a few, I'll admit. I definitely need to keep my car cleaner, which means I need to get on the kids about leaving all of their shit on the floor in the back. One comforting thought is that if we ever got stranded we could survive for a week on half-eaten granola bars and glue sticks and we could signal for help with the piles of glitter as well as build a fire with the dried horse shit and random twigs.
Yeah, need to keep the car cleaner. My 6-year-old is even starting to notice that it is basically a garbage can with wheels.
"Get into the car, guys."
"You mean the shithole."
"The CAR! Get in. And watch your mouth, young man."
"I can't even see my mouth."
Sigh. Little sophists, how charming.
Yes, and note to self, do not make a habit of letting Anna drink decaf. from Fuel. Oh my sweet lord, I let her have a little cup of that stuff and about 5 minutes later it kicked in (decaf still has caffeine). Let's just say, I think she could compete with Faulkner for the world's longest sentence award. She did not shut up from the time we left the shop, not once, not even when she was eating her dinner and bread and fondue were gathering at the corners of her mouth and falling into her lap.
"Wow, I've been talking non-stop." She suddenly realized it, but then kept talking.
Maybe next time an herbal tea might hit the spot and not make me want to hit her, or myself.
Which brings me to trail head number two (not a euphamism for poop btw), I need to remember what my mother told me a few weeks ago.
We are all works in progress.
What an adventure.

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