Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the mourning

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was in a stupor of depressed disbelief at the election results for my gallant state of Massachusetts. Actually, after the results were announced I started looking at houses in other states and I don't even think it was a whim. I'm not a "give the guy a chance" kind of girl, especially after the grotesque scar that Bush left on this country's landscape and people. "Give the guy a chance" seems more like a pacifist stance than a move toward unity. I'm having flashbacks of the beginning of the Bush dyn"ass"ty when I was 2 months away from giving birth to Anna. In fact, when the skewed election results were announced (remember the "hanging chad" in Florida, sounds like a cancer in your privates or something) I almost went into labor. There were contractions. Consider what was at stake then; a young, pregnant, single woman with two jobs living in an apartment under drug dealers, the child would be born in a small community where the judged and the judges exchange roles daily, and her African/Indian/French parentage would be on display for all the ignorant ones to tsk at.
And so it begins again. A climate of fear, angst, conservatism, distrust and bigotry. The fight becomes harder, as if that were possible. But, I am reminded of a song/poem that Sweet Honey croons to me when my spirits are down and out, "I'm gonna stay on the battlefield 'til I die."
Not much choice. And besides, even knowing that the scars of life will never go away, I still enjoy the fight. The dawn seems so much sweeter after the fight.

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