Saturday, January 9, 2010

New lyrics

Ok, I'm listening to "Lucky in Love" and shaking my head and laughing. Who the hell is lucky in love? Have you met Love? Have you shook Love's hot, tricky, little hand? And what about all the songs written for Love? "I cover the waterfront, I'm watching the sea, will the one I love be coming back for me"? Poor Billie Holiday, all that hoping and waiting, not to mention heroin. Ok, other songs serenading Love; "I can't stand it, you runnin' around, you know better, daddy.." Nina Simone, so desparate to keep Love that she was willing to bewitch it. And what about Ray Charles? He knew a thing or two: "Unchain my heart, baby let me go..." Poor bastard was crazier than a sh*thouse rat in love. So what IS lucky about Love?
I'm serious. That was not a rhetorical question. So far, I've yet to meet a single person who, after the honeymoon period of, let's give it 18 months, hasn't turned to me and said, "Oh my god, I'm f***ed." I just nod and say, "Don't worry, so am I."
And yet we pursue it like it's chocolate drizzled opium. For those of you who claim you have no desire for either, don't kid yourselves. You've dipped your toe in, just like the rest of us.
Love is a mess, plain and simple. It yanks at you with rusty hooks, it moons over you with sparkly things then bitch slaps you right as your leaning in for a kiss, it makes you blush with its stare, and it pulls you out of the abyss of grief (or puts you there).
I will say one thing, love is like horse racing, never a dull moment. And the risk is worth almost everything.


  1. And this is why you are adorable. I will miss you profoundly this summer, woman.

  2. :( I do get sad thinking about not being in Vermont this summer. :( You will have to keep a patch of carpet warm for me.