Monday, October 5, 2009

Bach for breakfast

Sorry I've been away, folks, I was on Lake Champlain with my drunken father trying to catch "Champ" the lake monster.
Needless to say, we did not catch him. In fact, we didn't catch anything, except that I might now have pneumonia (spelling on that one?) from being out on the lake and at the front of the tiny, aluminum boat as water spilled in on both sides. Did I mention that it poured the whole time we were out there? So, between the fog, the rain, and the lake, I think I deserve some kind of award for being an "honorary Irishman".
I won't get it, but it'd be nice.
So, while I was up in the north country trying not to puke in the gondola that took us up to the top of Whiteface mountain (I wasn't sick because of the heights, it was the hangover from the brandy and my father's subsequent reaction to Bratwurst WHILE we were in the gondola) I had many thoughts. Death (we really were way up there), grief (my domestic situation is not looking so good right now), longing (someone I barely know has instilled this in me, it's awful), and euphoria, just for being witness to a vista that I could not create, not even with my vivid, techinicolor imagination.
I don't mind the rollercoaster. In fact, the rollercoaster, the dipping down low and being hung up with nervous diarrhea (I have horrible genetics) and the waving up high is a reminder, albeit a "raw" one, that I can still feel something, anything, to its utmost power. I thought that that part of me was gone with the part that played the piano 7 hours a day, the part that fucked around with charcoal sticks and made gorgeous, dusty portraits, the part that didn't mind being broke, so long as there was coffee, a cigarette, and a funny friend nearby (preferably a hot, funny friend, but, whatever). So, I'm back on the track, I'll probably hit the free fall part of the ride, bump my head a few times, but, man, I'll feel every bruise and see every cloud until it pushes down again.
I didn't eat much this weekend, so I don't have any recipes to hand out. I did have a diner cheeseburger, it seemed to be the thing that saved my life. I was pretty low until that cheeseburger!

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