Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mental check

I'm sitting in the town library, reeking of coffee, and there is a creepy feel to the place. Like I'm too trashy to be here, maybe...but I am reading a Faulkner story from a book that hasn't been checked out in YEARS so...
So, I thought I was getting this big salvation check for doing some editing for a friend of mine. The book is decent but difficult to sift through since this friend is borderline manic with possible traces of bipolar schizophrenia. You can imagine what the writing style is like. The bible one minute and the Marquis de Sod the next. Yikes.
The check was for $200.
Then it dawned on me that none of this, this messy pile we call life is going to be easy to work through. The rescue, if it comes at all, is going to present itself in little dribs and drabs, punctuated by humor and much despair.
I'm hoping, given his mental instability and relative randomness that the next check will be for $30,000.
Hey, a girl can hope, right?!
For dinner, a salad with walnuts and some scraped together honey mustard dressing. For dessert, Zyrtec and a good dose of Pablo Neruda. Probably not the best poetry to pick up when you're feeling low and cold in the middle of the woods, but it is me we're talking about.

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