Monday, October 12, 2009


I've come to the conclusion that life in its rawest form is about constantly maintaining a balance on the razor sharp edge of hilarious joy and hysterical crumbling. Vulnerability seems to be the thing that prevents you from deciding if you should laugh or cut your own throat with picnicware. Fear not, I have no picnicware in my little cottage out in east B.F. Not yet, anyway.
Speaking of the cottage, well, it's bare bones. Or I should say "bear" bones because I'm closer to hawks and bears than I am to a public toilet and humanity. No internet, hence, the blog will be sporadically timed this week and maybe next, no t.v., no nada. Just me, my laptop, my toxic funny thoughts and the various wildlife living in the basement.
The dirt basement.
I am trying convince myself that this simplicity is GOOD for my little soul, and that complete isolation is somehow enriching me and leading me to enlightenment. So far the only spiritual communion I've had is that a layer of snot in my nose and ear finally popped away, now there are 5 left to drain. Also, I had a bowl of honey nut cheerios. A bright spot....
Actually, I did go bowling Saturday night with a friend of mine and all of her friends from AA.
I've never been bowling sober. Needless to say, my game sucked but I didn't have a hangover the next day. I'm going to see that one as a positive.
I don't have much by way of recipes since I've been living on coffee, M&Ms and Marlboro Lights. But I did hear something funny that relates to eating.
"This separation is like eating shit and laughing about it."
Well said.

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