Thursday, October 22, 2009

knowing when to care

So, my therapist thinks I have an anxiety "situation". I know, shocking, right? My giggling when she said this did not help matters. She cocked her head to the side and laughed nervously, nothing compared to my maniacal guffaw.
Geez, ya think? What gave it away? The grey circles under my eyes? Or was it the red rims? Or jeans hanging off my ass which is raw from not having any solid "movement"? Just curious what it was that gave you the impression that I have anxiety.
I wanted to scream "Don't tease me! Write the f***in' script! I know you can do it." Of course, I did not say this, I sat calmly and asked toneless questions.
"So, are you suggesting medication? What kind? Is it addictive? I'm not sure I feel comfortable with this." God, I am so full of shit. But it was a good show, I tell you.
Still no script, I once again have resorted to Zyrtec chased by hot milk.

It's not gonna work.

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  1. That's okay, I just learned that medical pot is legal in MA. So I went to my therapist the other day and asked for some. Did I get it no, but I am not done trying!