Friday, October 30, 2009

Coming down

You know those highs of confidence you feel when you can see your situation changing for the good? REALLY high, you're awesome, you've got your shit together, life is good. Sometimes you almost strut 'cause things are looking so rosey.
Yeah, well those moments are followed by "downer" periods. You know what I'm talking about, the holy shit moment after you've had a great, I'm-the-shit day. It's midnight, and suddenly, you are no longer cool, your life is no longer cool, and you are, in fact, not the shit.
May I reccommend going to bed at this point. Don't stay up, don't text anybody, just go to sleep.
So, lesson learned.
But man do those moments give you something cool to write about.
Halloween is upon us, now that it's 5 degrees out. Lucian has finally gone over to the dark side, which is no surprise. He announced last month that he wanted to be a "bad guy" from here on out.
"Good guys suck," was his eloquent response.
"But good guys win," I said, hoping.
"Not in real life," Anna said from the corner of the living room. Thanks, Anna.
"Well, what do you want to be then," I turned to her, feeling betrayed.
"A werewolf. With claws and fangs."

So, both of my kids are "bad guys" this year. I have a feeling this trend will continue, given that Anna is almost premenstrual and Lucian's costume came with a bloody sword. Aw, the draw of weaponry for little boys is almost too much.
Dinner was instant soup at 10pm last night. No breakfast yet, but we'll see how lunch shapes up. Excedrin migraine is on the menu at some point.

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