Friday, October 9, 2009

timing is everything

I am moving into a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. I do mean nowhere, it's going to take days for the gas guy to come and hook up the propane so I can actually cook something. Until then, it looks like I'll be heating up soup over a gasoline drum. Great. They are turning on the power there today, of course, before they do, I had to go down into the Blair Witch Project basement with a child-sized flashlight so I could turn off the main power switch. That was fun. I think I ate a brown recluse spider, so we'll see what happens with that. Did I mention that I destroyed my head on the way back up the stairs that actually look like a ladder more than steps?
Yeah, so, things are looking a bit grim. It's raining outside, I do have to see the doctor about my ear, I wasn't going to until they asked me if I "wanted my eardrum to rupture over the weekend?"
Um, what the fuck do you think, no. That'll be fun. I'll get the blast-o antibiotic that would kill a wrestler, then I will shit for days because my body is already in emergency mode due to life circumstances and the death of love as I know it. YAY!
On a positive note, which I must remind myself there are many, Anna has mastered the art of omlette-making. I'm very proud of this because she is only 8. Also, I forsee a few Saturday mornings where I don't have to get up at the asscrack of dawn to feed the ravenous cavern that is her stomach. That IS pretty exciting!
For food, French Onion Soup, broiled with bread and cheese on top. I know I shouldn't have dairy, but I just couldn't go without. I'm french!!!

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