Thursday, October 8, 2009

on hearing and other luxuries

I've been harboring an ear infection for about two weeks now. I can feel the popping, but no relief. It's actually nice because the world seems bubbly and the noises the kids make aren't so fucking annoying and piercing. In fact they were trying to destroy eachother with pencils last night while I played "Moonlight Sonata" at full blast on the piano. Didn't hear a thing except the angry, gorgeous bass notes of Beethoven's syphillis infused masterpiece.
I also had a snifter of brandy. Suddenly, life was VERY good.
I did gain my hearing back for a second at about 3 am when Anna came in and was standing over me, waiting for me to wake up. I'm not sure how long she'd been standing there, but when I opened my eyes there was a giant, afro-headed demon glaring at me. I'm blind, so all I could see was the sinister outline. Did I mention that I have a heart condition? Yeah, well, I do, and waking out of a dead (albeit almost drunken) sleep to someone who is not the person you were just dreaming about ('cause that person in your dream was just about to rip your shirt off while you are laying on some beach in Cadiz) is a little surprising, to say the least. I think I scared her more, though.
"Jeezus! Anna, you scared the shit out of me!!!"
"I'm sorry, waaaa, I'm sorry!"
Then comes the bad mommy placating broken-hearted child bit, which I am an expert at.
"It's cool, it's cool, it's just that, you know, you were just standing there." And mommy was having a VERY NICE dream in which she was being ravished and...
"Can I sleep with you?"
"Huh, um, sure, yeah, of course." I patted the sheets, she tried to crawl over me and succeeded in smashing my bladder with her heal and then kicking me in the chin.
"Um, ow."
"Sorry." I could hear her breathing steady out, like a furnace hum, and then, between the pitch black of my thoughts and hers, "Wow the bed is really warm!"
"I know." The dream, of course, dramatically switched gears and suddenly I was sitting on a stone wall, waiting for my life to begin as the sun dropped, an orange-y purple ball in the horizon.
For food, mini-burritos with scrambled eggs, refried beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and a giant splooge of hot sauce for me. The kids ate two each...

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